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The four main types of collagen and their roles in your body:

Type I.

This type accounts for 90% of your body’s collagen and is made of densely packed fibers. It provides structure to skin, bones, tendons, fibrous cartilage, connective tissue, and teeth. It is the most abundant in our body, it is found all over the place and accounts for 90% of the following:

  • Hair

  • Skin

  • Nails

  • Organs

  • Bones

  • Tendons

  • Ligaments

  • Blood vessels

  • Eyes

Type II.

This type is made of more loosely packed fibers and found in elastic cartilage, which cushions your joints.

Type 2 Collagen is found in our:

  • Joints

  • Cartilage

  • Gut Lining

Type III.

This type supports the structure of muscles, organs, and arteries. Type 3 Collagen is found in our:

  • Organs

  • Blood Vessels

  • Structure of Muscles

Type III collagen is found in many organs (most notably our intestines), blood vessels and aides the structure of muscles.

Type IV.

This type helps with filtration and is found in the layers of your skin.

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