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Our Story

At Health on Point Pharmacy, we strive to bring you thoughtful service and a wealth of hard-to-find products. We emphasize our personalized customer service, which we deliver to our customers. In a market dominated by large pharmaceutical groups, Health on Point chemists is a practice dedicated to providing clients with a reassuring, individual, and professional service. 

Our pharmacists help you understand your medical conditions, manage your medications and help improve your overall health. Our floor staff can recommend products to make you look and feel great from an ache-less body to skin that feels supple and healthy. Our staff is committed to your health, comfort, and peace of mind.

Our beauty boutique gives our customers access to skincare gurus who will work closely with every customer to search through our large range of skin care products best suited for them, as well as provide them with advice and recommend exclusive vitamins, supplements, and other products.

Our store is a true celebration of style, luxury, and impeccable service; from the design of the store to the products we have to offer we want to make sure we are different from every other health and beauty boutique in Cape Town. 



To provide safe, high quality premium health care and retail products in an atmosphere of professionalism, respect, and effective communication. We strive furthermore to bring a personal touch to the pharmacy environment without compromising on quality.


Health on Point is South Africa’s first luxury boutique Pharmacy. We strive to redefine and revolutionize the way healthcare service has been provided in the past. We provide high quality healthcare and luxury retail. But we still remain community based and client orientated. We reinvent the world of retail medicine with our unique and personalized service and premium health and beauty care products.

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