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Our Top Anti-Aging Hacks

For that clear calm and youthful skin.

A prolific poet once said, “The years start coming and they don’t stop coming.” Simple. Elegant. Wise. Aging is inevitable, but it is also a privilege. Given that many parts of modern life speed up the signs of ageing, we’re just over here trying to do all we can to age gracefully and in good health. One of the best places to start is what we actually put in our body. You know what they say when they say "you are what you eat". In that, we have therefore put together this list of top anti-aging foods and supplements.


This delicious superfood is rich in a variety of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that may help to improve skin elasticity and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These include;

  • vitamins A, C, K, and E

  • calcium

  • potassium

  • magnesium

  • phosphorus

  • B vitamins

The wide range of antioxidants in papaya helps to fight free radical damage and may delay signs of ageing. Papaya also contains an enzyme called papain, which provides additional anti-aging benefits by working as one of nature’s best anti-inflammatory agents. It’s also found in many exfoliating products. So yes, eating papaya is a great source of plenty nutrients and provides you glowing, vibrant skin.


You avoca-don't want to miss out on the benefits of this beloved fruit. Besides from it being an incredibly delicious food used for your classic guacamole dip or even spread across your toast, it has phenomenal skin-boosting effects. Avocado is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which helps regulate inflammation—and inflammation is a major contributor to aging on our outsides as well as our insides. They also contain a variety of a variety of essential nutrients that may prevent the negative effects of ageing including:

  • vitamins K, C, E, and A

  • B vitamins

  • potassium

The high content of vitamin A in avocados can help us shed dead skin cells, leaving us with gorgeous, glowing skin. Their carotenoid content may also assist in blocking toxins and damage from the sun’s rays and also help to protect against skin cancers.


Bring on the broccoli! The green and delicious vegetable contains powerful fibre, antioxidants, and incredible substances that can help your body prevent disease. This anti-aging powerhouse is packed with:

  • vitamins C and K

  • a variety of antioxidants

  • fiber

  • folate

  • lutein

  • calcium

One such incredible substance in broccoli? Sulfur. Sulfur helps our bodies produce more glutathione, a super powerful antioxidant.


If you haven’t grown out of your tomato-hating phase yet, now is the time to try. “Eating tomatoes is an incredible way to care for skin. Lycopene, a plant nutrient responsible for giving the red and pink pigment to foods such as tomatoes and watermelon, has been shown to suppress oxidative stress. Not only that, but it helps to prevent UVA and UVB damage caused from sun exposure. There’s a reason why these foods are plentiful in the sunny summer months!

They’re also a dietary source of:

  • potassium

  • vitamin A

  • vitamin B

  • magnesium

While tomatoes might reduce the risk of sun damage, always still use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to protect against sunburns and skin cancer. Sometimes “natural” sunscreens can do more harm than good.


Blueberries are rich in vitamins A and C as well as an age-defying antioxidant called anthocyanin. This is what gives blueberries their deep, beautiful blue color. These powerful antioxidants may help prevent skin from damage due to sun and stress and pollution by moderating the inflammatory response and preventing collagen loss. The polyphenols in blueberries and other berries, which help fight stress and free radicals. Berries also contain collagen-boosting vitamin C.

The cold hard fact of the matter is that our bodies (and our skin) are in constant flux. Call it aging, call it the inevitable. We are destined to move forward in time. But we do have a margin of control, and that is in what we choose to put in our bodies. Taking supplements with anti-aging benefits will reap rewards in our joints, mental health, digestion, and skin as we forge ahead. Here are some of our favorites:

Our In Store Solutions

Omega 3-6-9 capsuales can serve to regulate the skin's oil production, improve balanced hydration, subdue breakouts and minimize signs of aging. Omega-3s can also help soften rough, dry skin and have a soothing effect on irritation and dermatitis

NeoVita Radiant Skin Radiant Skin is specifically formulated to assist with keeping skin healthy & hydrated. It also assists with problematic & sensitive skin

My Beauty Luv Face Blossom is the secret Japanese women have been using for centuries to keep their skin bright, glowing, luminescent, light and totally flawless. My Beauty Luv presents Sakura Flower Extract (Japanese Cherry Blossom) in capsule form – the first ever product of its kind in South Africa. The amazing anti-ageing effect of this sacred traditional flower has been widely researched and is used by millions of Japanese and Asian women to successfully treat a host of age-related skin disorders from blotchy skin, pigmentation and dullness, to wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin.

Hydrolysed Gelatin Collagen Boosters are for an extra collagen-boosting health kick your body, skin, hair, joints and mood will thank you for! Fight wrinkles, ageing, pain, menstrual cramps, inflammation, restless sleep, anxiety, poor body composition and an overall unhappy body. This is a total, full-body collagen boosting product.

Vitamin D3 10ug Soft Gels are the ultimate key and core vitamin to getting that perfect skin. Solgar ® Vitamin D3 400 IU (10 μg) Softgels is a premium formula delivering vitamin D in the form that is easiest to use by the body – D3. Supporting optimal wellbeing, the benefits of the “sunshine vitamin” are numerous and well documented, but particularly for immune health. With over a billion people worldwide with very low levels of vitamin D.

Come to our store where we select only the finest quality for our clients. We take care to make sure our patrons are treated with a friendly smile and a warm attitude which is hard to find nowadays.

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