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Health On Point DNA Testing

Do you want to discover our DNA?

This Optiphi Helix DNA test will tell you what sort of skin products to use, what diet to eat, and how much exercise you should do. You can choose from our different tests:

  • The Helix skin test.

  • Helix health and diet.

  • Helix skin + health + diet test.

The Optiphi DNA Skin Test report enables you to thoroughly comprehend your skin and predict where it is likely to go in the future so that you can prepare. The DNA Skin Test results provide you with the knowledge and power to target these internal skin concerns, as well as the external factors that contribute to skin imperfections and aging, allowing you to choose the best skincare products and professional skin treatments to significantly improve your skin's future.

If your DNA is what distinguishes you, what could be better than tailoring your skincare routine, nutrition, and lifestyle habits to your own genetic requirements?

The Optiphi Helix Health Report provides exclusive access to genetic variations linked to a variety of health risks and issues. The results of this test will allow you to modify your food, supplement, and lifestyle habits in the long run to reduce these health concerns.

Finally, we offer a full package test that includes all the reports on skin, health and diet.

Make sure to contact us directly to book your test today.

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