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How to Get the best out of your hair dresser

Hairstyling Suggestions

1. If you're receiving a blowout, wash and towel-dry your hair before your appointment. When we say "have your hair wet," we don't mean it should be dripping wet, but neither should it be air dried. We recommend getting out of the shower with wet hair about 15 minutes before your appointment. Tip: Keep your phone with you in the restroom in case your provider arrives early and needs to communicate with you.

2. Don't use any styling products on your hair. That's something you should leave to your hairstylist. Of course, if you have any favorite products, bring them out for your stylist to see. They'll have their own line of fantastic things, but we understand how frustrating it is to find the ideal mousse and want to make your own.

3. Have any hair accessories on hand if you want your stylist to add them in.

4. Have some photos ready to show your stylist if there are any styles you like.

Makeup Advice

1. If you're waxing or using a hair remover, do it a day or two ahead of time to avoid any redness or discomfort.

2. If you have an allergy to certain items, let your makeup artist know when you schedule so she can prepare for your visit.

3. Cleanse, moisturize, and apply SPF to your face before the appointment. Your makeup artist will start with a clean, ready palette this way.

4. Have artificial lashes on hand if your artist is using them.

5. If it's for a special event, bring images of your dress, or the outfit itself, to show your makeup artist so they can help you create the perfect look.

Keep monitoring the mirror and checking in with your stylist during your hair and makeup appointments to ensure you have the appearance you want!

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