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At Health on Point We like things the old fashioned way. We give attention to each and every product in store to make sure you have the premium option for your family. The old way may take a little longer but We firmly believe tried and tested is a better approach to health care.

Health on Point is more than just a pharmacy, we are the definition of a total care platform, which combines exclusive medicines with the wealth of knowledge that our consultant pharmacists have to offer. We offer a wide range of the latest and most exclusive products which include medicines, vitamins, supplements, makeup, and skincare products.

We reinvent the world of retail medicine with our unique and personalized service.  Walk in and experience an environment where medicine and Passion meet.

Luxury Health Care

We select only the finest quality for our clients. Our team strives to provide great quality health care products for you and your family. 

We take time to hand select each product. Our highly curated, exclusive products pass rigorous standards before appearing on our shelves. We offer Luxury concierge services unlike any other pharmacy.


We understand the impact of a diagnosis and we will work diligently to provide excellent therapeutic care, wellness regimens, and personal support.



Caring for you and your family by bringing only the finest quality health care.


A Personal Touch 

We take care to make sure our patrons are treated with a friendly smile and a warm attitude which is hard to find nowadays. 

trendy vitamins

Tried and Tested

We like things the old fashioned way. We only stock the most trusted brands to ensure your satisfaction. 

trendy health care

Premium Quality

Our Products are selected with care, to make sure that we offer premium health care that works


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